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Many roofs can appear sound and water-tight to the untrained eye, but casual inspection is not enough. After inspecting thousands of roofs and analyzing hundreds of roofing failures, the experts at De Stefano Engineering know what to look for and how to properly assess a roof’s condition, both before and after a storm or other loss event.

In addition to providing roofing inspections, Our engineers are also experienced in the review and analysis of roofing documentation (including construction drawings, technical specifications and manufacturer product data sheets). We have performed these services for a variety of clients, including insurance companies, attorneys, homeowner/condominium associations, contractors and homeowners.

Every roof has the potential to fail; De Stefano Engineering’s expertise can help identify potential problems in advance so they can be addressed before the next storm arrives. Call De Stefano Engineering today to schedule a roof inspection is the first step toward obtaining peace of mind.

Our Roof Consulting Services Include
  • Roof condition inspections, assessments and evaluation of deficiencies
  • Insurance application underwriting
  • Quality assurance monitoring and control
  • Roof uplift calculations
  • Roof plans and specifications
  • Failure and damage assessments, including causation and extent of damage analysis
  • Roof asset management
  • Roof permitting assistance