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Restoration requires more skills and knowledge than simple building. It requires thoughtful planning, skill, knowledge, and ability to decide how best to integrate the past with present-day needs. The complexity and volume of information on a renovation and restoration project can be daunting, each requiring a unique set of solutions. Structural engineers play an important role in the process.

A partnership of restoration knowledge can be a powerfully effective tool.

You can depend on De Stefano Engineering’s team of restoration specialists to bring knowledge, experience and insight to the task, providing essential insight in order to help you make informed decisions and formulate the most effective restoration strategies.

De Stefano Engineering has been partnering with owners, design professionals, property managers and contractors across Florida for over 20 years, and throughout the United States. We’re devoted to the restoration and preservation of building structures, especially those that require retrofit repairs. Our engineering firm effectively investigates and provides diagnosis of existing structural conditions, while providing a valuable design of appropriate and efficient restoration solutions.

Experienced with all forms of steel, concrete, masonry, and timber structures you can count on our knowledge of retrofit construction & structural restoration. Our reputation comes with detailed designs providing our clients with quick, innovative, cost effective, long lasting and maintainable building components.

Renovation & Restoration Engineering Services:

  • Restoration Consulting & Engineering
  • Concrete Rehabilitation
  • Bridge Restoration
  • Reserve Fund Study
  • Structural reinforcement of existing structures
  • Condition Assessment (Evaluation of Existing Structures)
  • See our Projects Page for examples of our work