Failure Investigation

Services Failure Investigation

De Stefano Engineering Group PL’s failure analysis and investigation services identify root causes of failures to improve future performance and solve problems.

Failure analysis and investigation can determine the root cause of failure should your product, component or asset fail or not perform as expected. The findings provide you with the insight to solve the problem, take remedial action and prevent recurrence.

At Intertek, our scientists, technicians, engineers and inspectors are highly experienced and are experts in fields such as automotive technology, mechanical and electrical engineering, material science (metallurgy and polymers), chemicals, non-destructive testing and industrial forensics.

Our services range from conducting analyses on failed engineering components and resolving failure issues for medical devices to investigating the causes of boiler tube failure in power plants, explosions and water losses.

We discover why materials and polymers fail and troubleshoot contamination issues. Our failure investigation services can be used to help improve product quality for consumer and retail goods if a product fails or does not perform as expected.