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About De Stefano Engineering

A business that is large or small that is a privately owned business is an example of American tradition and spirit of entrepreneurship. De Stefano Engineering Group has twenty years of preparation experience along with superior education, leadership and vision.

In addition, our years of dedication, consistency, work ethic and superb customer relationships we've developed with our customers speaks for itself. We've laid the foundation for De Stefano Engineering and are continually building upon it.

No man is and Island and I am surely not an exception to this. The outpouring of support of our family and colleagues in the business have been pivotal in our success. In launching this business, our economical environment could be seen as challenging to most. However, our positive approach has allowed us to progress forward and that is what I am most proud of.

Launching the business in an economical environment that could easily be called challenging with continued positive forward motion is what I am most proud of to date.

Since the founding of the company, the results that we've produced have been excellent. Our company is on track and has gone above and beyond our plans in many aspects.


As the future approaches, we will maintain high standards of our industry and conduct all business practices with integrity, honesty and superior customer satisfaction.

Lastly, I see our company expanding our full service firm along with continuing to grow as one of the top international engineernig firms in the state of Florida and surrounding areas.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing our clients The most innovative-engineered solutions with An emphasis on quality, costs, and time. Our Professionals will continue to be in the forefront Of new technologies, client dedicated, and Upholding the highest professional standards In the practice of Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, And Mechanical Engineering.



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40 Sarasota Center Blvd #103, Sarasota, FL 34240

(941) 371-1724





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